This may seem a bit radical for the majority, but as long as the seed is planted, it will spring route, and the connection will grow. We are the trinity, Soul, Body, Spirit, and neglecting our THREE SELVES disables our ability to be fully human. As humans we are mandated to deliver on the promise we made before we became embryos.

Our Soul is the essence of us, the way we think and the director of our actions.

Our Body is the physical element through which our thoughts manifest.

Our Spirit is the God in us and God directs our purpose in this life.


So you see, by neglecting Soul, Body or Spirit you neglect YOU. The truth of who you are, and who you must become to prosper in your purpose. Be intentional about feeding your Soul, Body and Spirit with things that enhances who you desire to be. Exercise your THREE SELVES and you will be fit to deliver on your purpose.

It took me two years of stillness to learn this lesson.

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