After several years of just existing, tragedy struck and shifted the trajectory of my life. Death woke me up.  My son’s father’s passing and my grandmother, who I had not seen in over 10 years, dying two weeks later made me aware of how precious time is.

Up to that point I had no plan, no direction and no goals.  That awakening gave me cause to be reflective of where I was and where I was headed.  I started to place true value on my time.  I realized I couldn’t get the time back that I already lived but I could make the best use of time moving forward.

I became determined to change my life.  I read books.  I watched videos.  I researched people who were successful and I learned their habits.  What I discovered was their attitude to life was similar.  They were not quitters.

It is my hope that as I expose my own journey you will find inspiration, so you too can become Devoted To Doing.

I am Kimberley Ann Wedderburn, and I am Devoted To Doing.

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