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Last weekend Atlanta was stunned at the Culture Shock Show’s representation of talent. I understood why this event is highly anticipated; it gets better every year.  And despite the expectation of excellence, it never fails to blow you away every time.  Anita Safo and her production team truly outdid themselves this year.

From the hand-picked fashion designs that strut the runway, to the musical performances, the energy lifted the room from the start.  The doors were opened early, allowing the guests to find their perfect spot, get comfortable, and wait for the beast to emerge.  And it did!

The venue  Le Bam Studios in Miami Circle in Atlanta brought the intimacy this event need.  The show was hosted by the elegant Ellen Baby and the sexy Kwasi who were entertaining and efficient.  They kept the show running on schedule.  When the curtains parted promptly at 7 pm, and they hit the stage, we gave our full attention.  I couldn’t keep my … I mean the guests, couldn’t take their eyes off Kwasi’s chest.

Designs CSS

I was captivated the entire evening.  The vibrancy of the lines revealed the rich African culture with a modern flare.  And the performances were synchronized impeccably.  Mic-O done the place! Even a toddler couldn’t resist joining his performance on the stage. Marenikae opened her line by performing two of her songs. I was blown away by this young lady’s versatility.

Anita's Mom & I (2).jpg

I had the pleasure of speaking to Anita’s mom. She shared that she attended every Culture Shock Show since the inception in 2012, and that she has watched the production grow every year since.  I could feel her joy as we spoke, and I could see why.  She said, “I am proud of my daughter.  She makes me smile.  God bless her.”

Designers Featured

Culture Shock Fash Show

Makan Gid’n

Designs by Nem   

A.F.R. – Lives


Adedammy Designs

Maison De Mawollie

Figure 8-

My only disappointment was the event ending.  I was left wanting more.  I anxiously anticipate next years Culture Shock experience.

Enjoy a few highlights of the evening.


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