Ladies this is the right L word you should chase no questions asked

I am sure you have guessed that it is not that four letter word that has left our panties in a bunch.  No, it is not love.

I have expressed before my blatant disregard for myself, and the people who loved me the most, my babies.  But I wont get too much into that, you can read a little about that here.  I have come along way and I can attribute that progression and transmutation to the L word.


You see this L word gave me life.  Yaaasss, a new lease on life.  An opportunity to start over and to think deeply on the life I want to lead and the beneficiaries of it.  It forced intention to align with purpose.  It set goals and made plans.  The L word, LEGACY, something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past, maybe the second most important L word next to love.

Thinking about my legacy forces me to live daily, pushing through my scary moments, so that I maybe so bold to do things that inspire my babies even after I have left them.

I am learning that leaving a legacy takes courage, a challenge I graciously accept.

Bey expressed it best in her song, “I Was Here.”  I listen to remind myself to keep going because my work is not finished here.

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