Where Do You Find Beauty?

Tracy Reese

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6th Annual Culture Shock Show “Beast Mode”

The beautiful Anita Safo, founder of POP Productions represents #DevotedToDoing daily. Her experience and influence in front and behind the camera, as model/actress and producer/director respectively, have earned her the attention of her peers and respect within the media industry.

Anita Safo

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Problems are Possibilities.


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Legends do legendary things: House of Marley

The Marley’s, Jamaican royal family epitomizes “devoted to doing”.  Bob Marley the father of Reggae music has transcended time by his teaching through his music.  His family certainly capitalizes on his legacy and has imprinted on the world through every generation.

House of Marley is well respected not just by me, but as a quality product that competes in the market globally through design, sound quality and it’s positive effects on the environment.

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This may seem a bit radical for the majority, but as long as the seed is planted, it will spring route, and the connection will grow. We are the trinity, Soul, Body, Spirit, and neglecting our THREE SELVES disables our ability to be fully human. As humans we are mandated to deliver on the promise we made before we became embryos.

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